Burma Snorkel Tour Itinerary

We are extremely excited to announce our new Burma snorkelling tour

At Andaman Snorkel Discovery will always strive to provide the best itineraries for our Andaman snorkel tours, very carefully taking into consideration avoiding busy snorkel sites and including less well known spots that hold some hidden gems.

With this in mind we are extremely excited to announce a new snorkel tour for 2017. A tour that will take us to undiscovered snorkel spots, to an area of breathtaking beauty and where we will certainly avoid the crowds.

We would like to introduce our new Burma snorkelling tour.

The baby elephant of Stewart Rocks

An Exclusive Tour to the Mergui Archipelago

It has always been a source of great pride at Andaman Snorkel Discovery to offer exclusive destinations to our guests. We are still the only snorkel liveaboard to visit the Surin Islands in Thailand. We are now the first Thai snorkel liveaboard to head north into Myanmar.

Our new Mergui Archipelago snorkelling tour opens up almost endless possibilities of discovery. There are a vast number of uninhabited islands with potential snorkel spots, beautiful scenery and abundant nature, both below and above the surface.


Snorkel spots where nobody else goes and discover new spots

Enjoy exciting underwater wildlife encounters at Western Rocky

Visit a Moken village, try local island food and explore this fascinating culture

Snorkel with Whale Sharks and Manta Rays at select spots (seasonal)

Visit deserted sandy beaches for nature watching and exploration

Enjoy a barbecue on the beach with fish caught fresh that day by the local Moken

Myanmar Snorkel Tour Dates

January 2017

12 - 17 January 2017

March 2017

02 - 07 March 2017

March 2017

23 - 28 March 2017

April 2017

20 - 25 April 2017

Your Adventure Starts (Thursday)

Heading to remote areas like the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar requires an early start. We will meet at the Andaman Snorkel Discovery office at 6:30am to complete any last minute paperwork and drop off bulky luggage you will not require on the boat.

We will then transfer our guests by mini bus to Ranong to embark on the MV Reggae Queen.

Whilst welcoming you aboard, staff will complete formalities with Thai Immigration, checking you out of Thailand.

During the short cruise to Kaw Thuang, Myanmar we will serve lunch.

Once we are cleared by Burmese Immigration we will weight anchor and enjoy a sunset cruise to Horseshoe Island.

Dinner will be served during the journey, which takes around 4 hours before we find a calm, secluded spot to moor for the night.

Clark's Anemonefish

Day One: (Friday)

Wake up for a delicious breakfast served on board the boat at 7.30am; this will set you up for your first day of snorkeling in the Mergui Archipelago. Before we hit the water we hold a briefing to tell you important information about snorkelling and to review our safety procedures. We are then ready for our first snorkelling session at Horseshoe Bay.

After that we will enjoy a relaxing morning cruise as we head to our next location, Poni Island about 3 hours away. After lunch we are then ready for our second snorkel session at Poni Island. This is followed by a shorter cruise to the breathtakingly beautiful 115 Island. Here we will enjoy more snorkelling, a fabulous sun set, dinner and drinks. The boat will moor here for the night.

Day Two: (Saturday)

During breakfast you can enjoy spectacular early morning views as the Reggae Queen cruises to Peak Island, our first snorkel spot of the day. This takes around one hour. Afterwards we will visit the small beach at Peak Island where you can cool down in a small, fresh, mountain waterfall.

Back on board the Reggae Queen we will start our cruise to Great Swinton Island, stopping of en-route for a snorkel around Rocky One. Continuing our cruise we will have lunch on board followed by more snorkelling, this time at our destination, on the south side of Great Swinton.

Common lionfish seen in Burma
The small village at Great Swinton Island

Island Time

After three great snorkelling spots and plenty of time relaxing on the boat it will then be time to experience remote island life with a visit to the fishermen’s village on Great Swinton Island. This idyllic location is home to some Burmese traders and a few Moken families.

Whilst the Reggae Queen resupplies with ice and water, guests will have the opportunity to meet the villagers, try some of the local snacks and refreshments and see what it’s like to live next to the beach far from civilisation. The boat will stay overnight at great Swinton so why not enjoy a few sunset beers and maybe even a game of pool billiards with the villagers before dinner back on board.

Safety factor:

In order for our days to run smoothly we have a rough schedule for each day of the trip. The schedule states when we will snorkel, when food will be served plus any other activity we have planned for that day.

However, in order for our days to run safely we may have to adjust the schedule depending on environmental conditions including the weather, wind and waves at sea and the tides which affect the currents at our snorkel spots. These factors are often out of our control but we must take them seriously, your safety on board is our number one concern.

We make every effort to plan our day around forecast conditions but we can not provide exact information and precise timings when dealing with mother nature.

Please note our Burma itinerary covers a much wider area than our Thailand trips so timing is important if we are to cover the longer distances between snorkel spots.

Barbecueing fish on the beach

Day Three: (Sunday)

Sunday starts with another breakfast cruise, this time to Chway Island which will be our first snorkel spot of the day. We will then cruise through one of the most scenic areas of our Mergui adventure, passing small limestone pinnacles and densely jungle clad islands as we make our way to Loughborough Island.

Once at Loughborough we will enjoy lunch moored in a beautiful bay. Refuelled and refreshed we will spend the day snorkelling in the bay and exploring the nature around the island. At this point of the trip we will be far, far away from land, after dinner we can head to the sun deck to enjoy a spectacular view of the stars, with clear views of the Milky Way blanketing the night sky.

Day Four: (Monday)

During breakfast the Reggae Queen will head south to our first snorkel spot at Cavern Island. Cavern Island features another beautiful bay, a deserted beach and a series of rocky outcrops that offer some great snorkelling possibilities. This is another beautiful area of the Mergui Archipelago, simply cruising along can be entertaining enough, though it won’t be long before our next snorkel spot at MacLeod Island.

Lunch will be served as we cruise further south to Maung Yin Island for our afternoon snorkel adventure. After that it’s time to spend the late afternoon relaxing on the boat as we head towards St. Matthew’s Island. Expect a few ice cold beers to accompany another amazing sun set before we moor up for night.

Cavern ISland in the Mergui Archipelago
Cuttlefish at Western Rocky

Day Five: (Tuesday)

Breakfast on a final day is an exciting time as we cruise to one of the highlights of our Mergui tour. Our final snorkel spot at one of the most exciting locations, Western Rocky. This small rocky island far out in the Andaman Sea offers the chance to encounter some of the larger fish species such as Whale Sharks and Eagle Rays.

It is then time to weigh anchor and head back to the mainland at Kawthaung Victoria Point. This will take around five hours, plenty of time for lunch and to recap on all the wonderful, unforgettable experiences of Myanmar. Arriving back at the mainland we will complete immigration procedures before disembarking in Ranong where our mini buses will be waiting to drive you back to our Khao Lak office.