Stay away from the crowds

We carefully select our Similan snorkel spots and are the only Similan snorkel liveaboard to visit the Surin Islands

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Our Similan Snorkeling Liveaboard

Similan snorkeling safaris on the MV Reggae Queen, our boat is geared to show you the best Thailand snorkeling.

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Snorkeling Thailands best destinations

Snorkelling at the Similan Islands National Park and Surin Islands is an unforgettable experience with Andaman Snorkel Discovery.

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Important Itinerary Change

From 2015, Andaman Snorkel Discovery has been running our snorkel liveaboard to the Surin Islands National Park, including Richelieu Rock and to Koh Bon and Koh Tachai in the Similan Islands National Park.

Our aim is to show you the best snorkel spots and the most beautiful islands off the beaten track.

Unfortunately, due to the ever increasing number of visitors to the main nine Similan Islands and the continued deterioration of corals and marine life there, it is becoming more and more difficult to stick to our company’s philosophy taking our guests to this area.

Sharing beaches and snorkel spots with more than fifty speedboats and tens of thousands of other snorkelers does not fit with our “off the beaten track” motto.

This type of mass tourism has a huge negative effect on the natural resources of these famous nine islands and is something Andaman Snorkel Discovery does not want to be part of.

Instead our tours can now concentrate more on the less visited areas of the Similan National Park while continuing to operate our eco-friendly, eco-responsible snorkel trips.

Similan & Surin Snorkeling Liveaboards

Similan Snorkeling with TurtlesAndaman Snorkel Discovery has been operating snorkeling liveaboards to the Similan Islands National Park since June 2010. We are a friendly, fun and professional company providing an outstanding snorkel liveaboard unlike any other in Khao Lak. We pride ourselves on offering these unique experiences at the quieter, less visited Similan Islands and are the only snorkel safari operator to visit the Surin Islands, home of the best Thailand snorkeling destinations.

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Why book OUR Similan & Surin snorkeling liveaboard:

    • 4 snorkeling day trips in one tour, saving you money
    • Our liveaboard capacity ensures small groups only at the snorkel spots
    • No over crowded speedboats, take it easy on our spacious slow boat
    • We visit only the BEST snorkel spots we’ve learnt from experience
    • Snorkelers only, no divers on board. Nature lovers welcome too
    • No stress, no rush, no hurry – take is easy, our trips are very laid back
    • Includes 3 nights accommodation onboard, saving you money on hotel bills
    • Includes 3 days full board and soft drinks, saving you money eating out on land
    • We take you off the beaten track and stay clear of the crowds
    • BEST value for money, BEST snorkel experience!

Is Our Snorkel Tour Right for You?

Well we really hope so! However if you have never spent a few days
on a boat we feel we should let you know exactly what it will be like.

Similan & Surin Underwater Life and Top Side Photographs

Similan Turtles

One of the highlights of our Similan snorkeling liveaboard is there are plenty of opportunities to snorkel with turtles.

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Underwater Life at the Similans and Surin Islands

This is a selection of the wide variety of underwater life you can see snorkeling at the Read more

Surin Islands Highlights

The Surin Islands have so many highlights. Andaman Snorkel Discovery rate the Surin Islands as the best Thailand snorkeling. Read more

Latest from our Blog

An Old Reef Rediscovered

Several years ago I snorkelled at Jack Bay Reef at the Surin Islands. It was so sad to see how the El Niño of 2010 had effected the reef. The El Niño had caused coral bleaching on a massive scale here and most of the reef was destroyed.

The once healthy corals had turned to limestone skeletons or lay as rubble on the ocean floor. A few fish remained but not enough to gain any positives from this desolate scene.

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The Old Man Of Surin

If you ask him how old he is, he can’t tell his age but he is sure he is over 80 years old. He is of an older generation, a time not so long ago when his people would sit around camp fires telling the stories of their past. The wonderful tales of mermaids, turtles, snakes, monkeys, spirits and ghosts. The traditional folk tales of the Moken. For he is their Shaman.

He also left the Surin Island three years ago when his wife became sick. Read more

Up Coming Similan Snorkeling Season Antics

We are very excited about the fast approaching high season here in the new Andaman Snorkel Discovery Office and really looking forward to getting out on some Similan snorkeling trips. While the last few drops of low season are falling from the sky outside, I am busy getting schedules, e-mails and all other admin tasks organised in the office. Read more

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Reviews from our guests

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